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HS Extension
HS Extension

HS Extension

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Headset extension to raise BB’s height by 8mm. Perfect to raise the BB height of +tire bikes, as +tires have more SAG while riding than non-plus tires due to low tire pressure. Mandatory to ride a SHAN GT with 27,5″ + tires and 140mm front fork.


Suitable for SHAN Nº5, SHAN GT, SHAN and OKA. As well suitable for every bike with tapered IS (Italian Standard: Campagnolo 45ºx45º) headset bottom bearing. Size IS 52, 1″ 1/2.

Full CNC alloy 7075

Black anodized and laser engraved
Due to high precision CNC work and 2 special slots, mounting and un-mounting is easy

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