Pavel Alekhin "Vishneviy"

"I ride for the pleasure"

The Redbull rider that goes under the name Pavel Alekhin aka "Vishneviy" is one of the huge characters of the worldwide mountain bike Freeride/Slopestyle scene and is up to every Slopestyle and dirt jump challenges everywhere around the globe.

The Russian is notable for the unbelievable stunt varieties and blends he pulls off at dirt jump challenges, for example, Vienna Air King, Rocket Air and White Style. He likewise rides brakeless, which characterizes his riding style.

Pavel is likewise capable at riding mountain bike in BMX style and has been at the bleeding edge of getting BMX perceived in Russia as a brandishing discipline, just as setting up the Russian BMX Championships.

Pavel is also known as the inspiration for all the injured riders in the industry, after a badly broken femur his biking career came to a sudden halt. However, long periods of recovery later and everything was searching admirably for the Russian freerider until a standard registration uncovered that his underlying activity was imperfect – if the specialists didn't act promptly there was a high possibility that Pavel would lose his leg!

Now Pavel is back on the bike like nothing was a problem and is able to compete and perform better than ever before. 

Now as Pavel and Production Privee have partnered up in order to develop exclusive models and ideas and Pavel will be involved with the establishment of the models, and this partnership will allow us to manufacture additional huge projects in the future.

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