Great stories often begin with a great encounter… in a bar! The Production Privée adventure certainly didn’t deviate from that rule…


Production Privée’s story is intimately linked to Andorra and Cedric GRACIA.

In 2010, while we were developing a full CNC DH stem for our personal bikes, we dropped by Cedric GRACIA’s bar. The great man happened to be there himself and decided to give the stem a try for a week, not exactly what we had planned! Not only did it show itself to be up to everything he could throw at it, it also had the merit of showing CG just how good a ride it could give: a stem with precision handling but with enough comfort to forgive any riding line errors. This was exactly the result we had been working towards. CG added: “If you can make me a custom handlebar, I’ll ride for you next season!”

That is how, from our living room in Andorra, we decided to launch Production Privée. We started to design and develop innovative, performance-oriented, unique products that were tough enough to deal with every situation, and with a strong visual identity and design. A good product is a beautiful product.


With each new product that we develop, we aim to be different to existing products, but only if we can bring real added value. Never copy, always innovate. Despite the modest size of our company, we have quickly caught peoples attention with products like our eccentric shock bushings, our double-anodized cockpit components, our SHAN enduro hardtail range, or our CR35 grips.

We are often at odds with the current trends championed by the big “industrial” MTB component brands. PP products are conceived and produced so as to bring the best riding experience to our customers possible. Without compromise, we create, design, develop and test our products with the goal of perfection. Products by riders, for riders.

From now on, Production Privée enters a new dimension. Forestal joins forces with us, a brand with which we have strong links. To begin, we are both based in Andorra and we both share the idea of total control of the development and manufacturing process. We really aim to create bikes to break the mold!
Two brands with common principles but very different objectives that are now united by passion in each of their productions. Bicycles that are much more than bicycles.
A new era for Production Privée begins with Forestal.

Soon you will be able to visit us in our new office, in Andorra la Vella, but for now, you can still visit us in la Massana, get some coffee, talk with us and go for a ride !