Cédric Gracia

A few words about the MTB legend that is Cedric GRACIA, or just “CG” to his legions of fans. He is the winner of the 2003 Red Bull Rampage, 2001 World Dual Slalom Vice-Champion and 2002 World 4X Vice Champion. He’s the only rider to have landed a back flip during a round of the 4X World Champs. The only rider to have ridden to a World DH podium finish in a pair of jeans. CG is an exceptional rider. CG is an icon.

Cédric Gracia, not only a MTB Champion!

An active part of the Production Privée team since its creation in 2011, CG has attracted international attention to the brand since his first races aboard his bikes equipped with his Pro model stem and handlebars . CG is an essential part of Production Privée, helping in the development and validation of our products as much as he contributes to a great atmosphere here in the office.

An extreme riding style

His experience and extreme riding style are both superb assets for approving the final product.

Cédric GRACIA, the best of ambassadors!

With his intense traveling and sporting schedule around the world aboard his Forestal, Cedric GRACIA is the best proof out there of Production Privée’s product reliability.

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