Innovation & Design

We are passionate about motor racing, and have been so since we were kids. Colin Chapman, Gordon Murray, Bob Bell, John Wyer and all those legendary engineers inspire us as much as the brilliant racers did behind the wheels of their mechanical monsters.


The search for quality and performance is an obsession, pushing us to innovate with each new product conception.

Our products must be up to the very high demands put on them by our sport and competition, with their specification, development, and subsequent approval via numerous tests all completed in close collaboration with Cedric GRACIA and our riders. This meticulous work has enabled us to develop unique solutions and to be pioneers in multiple domains.

Take our cockpits for example. We have developed a solution for easy bar and stem adjustment during maintenance, preparation and repairs. Production Privée was the first brand to offer angle adjustment markings, allowing for easy brake and shift lever positioning. It is super simple to perfectly centre the handlebar within the stem, greatly simplifying things for a world cup race mechanic and riders the world over.

The double anodizing of the 7000 series aluminum alloy, our grips and eccentric shock bushings, the KTP Flex System on the rear of our CrMo MTB frames or their high-end bi-tonal stencil-based paintjobs are all examples of the constant search for excellence and innovation that drives our team.



We have a great admiration for the motor racing world from the 60’s and 70’s, the golden era of the space race, as well as every type of quest for a speed record around. This was surely the reason why designers would create their cars with futuristic lines and aerodynamics. A few works of automotive art, devoted to speed, and produced in this era, were influenced by the talents and bravery of such epic drivers as Jacky Stewart, James Hunt or Steve McQueen. We, in turn, are inspired by these machines.

A few examples:

For our R2R stems, we have been inspired by the stylistic codes of the C2 and C3 Corvettes, cars that were created with inspiration from the organic and hydrodynamic shape of the Mako shark.

Similarly, our CR35 grip design owes a lot to the tread pattern of the winningest pre-slick era tire in history, the Dunlop CR65.

Our frames are masked off prior to the paint process, with our paintjob inspiration coming from the palette of colours used during the 60’s and 70’s in car and motorbike racing. We pay homage most notably to the Porsche Gulf 917, McLaren F1 and Kenny Roberts’ Yamaha TZ 750.