Racing History

Few colours bring about such emotion and nostalgia as the classic British Racing Green, a colour synonymous with exclusive Jaguar racers, Bentley Le Man cars, and even the mighty Mini, star of the Italian Job. So when we decided to pay our respects to the history of racing with a new limited edition Production Privée BRG was the unanimous choice.

The Racing History universe pays homage to the original ladies and gentleman of racing. It's thanks to drivers like Stirling Moss and visionaries like Colin Chapman that our passion for motorsport blossomed. It's thanks to them we have a Racing History.



Our classic Shan 27 is an all-mountain hardtail, the wild horse of Production Privée, for riders wanting the purest interaction with their bike. Built for every type of riding from mountain adventures to steep trails and even jumps. Shan 27 is the true definition of a do-it-all bike.
GT by name, Grand Tourer by nature. The Shan GT is comfortable for all-mountain epics but with the agility and handling to tackle local Enduro tracks or the bike pack. Our classic Shan handling in a 29er package.
This Shan Nº5 in British Racing Green livery and equipped with Cane Creek suspension is an ode to Racing History. Riding this Limited Edition Production Privée will feel like looking through the eyes of the hero drivers racing the fastest cars on the most famous tracks around the world. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and become part of this history?