MCS Steel / KTP Flex System / Quality Control


Tailor made steel tubes for our frames

Production Privée has made the choice to develop its own tubing series rather then use what is available to all bicycle manufacturers on the market. This approach allows us total freedom in the design of our frames, without being reliant on “catalogue” tube specifications that result in standardized frames. 
The basis of our tubes is Chrome-Molybdenum 4130 steel (called CrMo), sourced from Japan, and with exceptional characteristics. Our tubes are then finished depending on our specific requirements: shaping, diameter, thickness, butting lengths, thermal treatments, all taken into considerationdepending on our specifications. 
After welding, our MCS tubes undergo a cataphoretic treatment (aka ED Black). This protects the tubes from oxidation both inside and out and guarantees perfect longevity. 
This personalized approach allows us to reach 100% of our goals and results in frames with outstanding performance.


The defining characteristic of all our frames is the grip and vertical flex of the rear triangle, thanks to the KTP flex system.

We developed our own tube tooling for our seat and chain stays. The tubes are flattened in their centre part, allowing light vertical flex while maintaining an optimal level of lateral rigidity. The result? Better comfort on medium to large impacts, more cornering and braking grip. To get the KTP Flex System working perfectly, high-quality tubes are needed. Enter our MCS tubing series.
All the tubes are heat treated, with the exception of the chainstays. That way they retain as much of the supple and smooth-feeling characteristics as possible, and highlight the efficiency of the KTP Flex System.
The KTP Flex System also enables us to use short chainstays with maximum tire clearance while maintaining great pedaling efficiency.


It is super important for the Production Privée team to be able to totally control the fabrication process of their products, and is the only guarantee of constant quality throughout. Production Privée manufactures all of its products in Taiwan, working with factory partners with which we have very strong links.

Taïwan, international capital of bikes

Taiwan is THE international capital for bike manufacturing, with all brands present. Taiwan is also ideally situated to export its goods.

Strong bonds with partners factories

For many years we have maintained a strong relationship with each factory partner. We personally know each contact. A strong level of trust and respect allows us to go far in the management and autonomy of the fabrication process. There is not one step in the whole process which is not validated on site by our team, from material sourcing and shaping, to machine testing and quality control, not forgetting general fit and finish, sticker manufacturing, and packaging. This is why Production Privée has had an office in Taiwan since the beginning, where we spend 4 to 6 months a year on average, each year.