2021 Production Privée Collection

Production Privée continues its path of taking the brand to a superior level by introducing more concepts to its lineup. New designs, models and prototypes that will come during this season to expand the existing range.
The 2021 collection will be taking the high-quality standard steel tubes philosophy to the Forestal Technology Centre, an industrial and technological 8,000 square meters building with 8 separate floors, located in the capital of Andorra.
Following a new Brand Strategy, Production Privée will focus on offering complete bikes from now onwards, starting with an entry level Classic named the “Black on Black” universe and with a top of the range Limited universe called the “The Explorer”.
Just as the brand’s name refers to, different options of the Limited Universe will be introduced throughout the season, so that the most passionate can create their own collection of exclusive bikes.
After experiencing the previous range’s successful feedback, this new production will not only remain loyal to the geometry of each model, but it will also keep the travel distance untouched by offering two distinguished design universes.

Stealth is the word.

The 2021 Production Privée classic range is as elegant as ever featuring a timeless design inspired by the most iconic speed vehicles like the Porsche 911 GT3 / GT2 and the Ducati Panigale V4, dressed in a matte-black / glossy-black livery.
A subtle yet aggressive look that helps to emphasize the clean lines of the steel tubes making you feel more than ever that you’re riding a piece of motorsport history.

Explore the world.

The universe dedicated to adventure seekers with a colour scheme made in honour of the authentic Land Rovers that were used to cruise through the toughest mountains and deserts.
Therefore, this Limited-Edition paint job had to be named “The Explorer” and even includes a topographic map of part of Andorra on the top tube!
For the first time Production Privée introduces its motorsports inspiration with an off-road philosophy, making this 2021 Limited Explorer range unique in its kind.

MINI SHAN - Push Bike

Every adventure starts with a first step as well as every "rider to be" dream starts with the MINI SHAN Push Bike.
A bike that will help the most little ones to acknowledge and dominate the fundamentals of balance in order to enjoy the pleasure of riding.


SHAN 27 - Hardtail

A pure enduro and all-mountain wildhorse for the most purist. Aimed to attain speed at no matter what domain.
Mountain rides, steep trails and jumps, you will enjoy every single aspect on your do-it-all SHAN 27.

SHAN GT - Hardtail

The Grand Tourer by excellence. SHAN GT is the ultimate ride to enjoy your long rides in multiple domains.
Enduro, trail, bike park or any other domain, just sit on the saddle and pedal into your next adventure

SHAN No5 - Full Suspension

The brand's flagship, SHAN No5 remains intact.
Whether it’s a trip up to the mountains, a fun ride out with your friends, an exciting weekend at your favorite bike park or a thrilling enduro race, the SHAN No5 is your go to bike for as long as you can ride!

"Production Privée has already started a journey towards excellence, and this 2021 range is just a very small example of what will have to come during the following months.
Whilst keeping its DNA, the brand is constantly going to experience a modernization with new models, new technologies and R&D material innovations, which for sure our customers will perceive as a great added value.
Owning a Production Privée is a proof of passion, and we are extremely happy to deliver this new range for all the people that were waiting for us!"
Rafael Gil-Pérez
Brand Director at Forestal Group.


"With this new collection and the new projects that you’ve seen lately, we want to show you what the future of Production Privée is going to be like.
Meanwhile, this collection seems to keep the philosophy of the previous years. We are at a turning point where we are going to have our full production in Andorra. Be prepared to see more innovative products made in Andorra while keeping our DNA.
We are just stepping into a new era with our new production tool. Keywords are Performance, Innovation & Exclusiveness."
Damien Nosella
Founder of Production Privée & Director of Engeneering at Forestal Group.

New concepts, prototypes and projects

As it has recently been revealed, Production Privée has been involved into other new disciplines and even started new promising projects alongside incredible riders.
This year, The Brigade Team will perform in the Downhill World Cup season on a completely new chassis designed, developed and manufactured in Andorra by Production Privée at the Forestal Technology Centre.

Another milestone was the creation of a personalized titanium prototype in collaboration with the Red Bull rider Pavel Alekhin aka "Vishneviy".
A prototype also conceived at the FTC to make the Russian freerider feel like home when performing on his new Titanium Park frame.
These are just few of the many surprises and projects Production Privée has in store.

In the meantime, MTB, DH, Dirt and Gravel lovers, stay tuned as good stuff is coming in different options like steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre!

Production Privée always pays tribute to the iconic figures, cars and motorbikes.
Introducing a special launch of an exclusive set of 51 units of the Shan No5, to become the first mountain bike inspired in the epic speed achievements of the great Burt Munro with Indian Motorcycle, now that it’s been 50 years since he set a new landspeed record and made history.
Playing around with the Indian graphic world, here’s a wink at the Yakari comic book, which tells the adventures of a young Indian and his proud fast and brave horse “Petit Tonnerre”, giving name to this beautiful and exclusive Shan No5.

You can buy a bike,
or you can buy a Production Privee