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  • Mini “CG“ the balance bike for kids… but not only!

    Designed and built like a true MTB, this balance bike suited for kids from 2 to 5 years old and from 89cm high is born from Cedric Gracia’s imagination The Mini CG is full many details that make a big difference from “competitors” products. See yourself … Discover the MINI CG  

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  • Why Steel?

    This question is often asked, because major companies of the cycling industry opted for carbon and aluminum alloy for their frames. Their main sales arguments have always been the stiffness and lightness of their products. Why? Because marketing-wise, these are notions easily explainable and understandable for the common cyclist. But it’s not because a bike …

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  • Production Privee goes 100% direct

    PRODUCTION PRIVEE wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2018, and would like to announce that for this new year, we will change our distribution model to direct sales only for the European market. In consequence, the retail price of our complete bikes, rolling chassis, frames and components will be lowered by 15% to 20% …

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  • Events

    During July 2016, the very first PRODUCTION PRIVEE BOTIFARRA BIKE & RIDE was held in Andorra. This was a unique occasion for PP to meet up with SHAN and OKA customers from around the world. A weekend of riding was had, with lots of “botifarra” (a local sausage delicacy) and friendly exchanges. The only condition …

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  • Press

    Discover soon the articles and test of the MTB press.

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  • Videos


    Take a look at all the Production Privee videos. The STIG rides the SHAN Nº5!   SHAN N°5 : FULL SUSPENSION   SHAN GT : SMUGGLER TRAIL   SHAN 27 Classic with Léo Nobile   Léo Nobile rides the Shan

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  • MCS Steel / KTP Flex System / Quality Control

    MCS STEEL Tailor made steel tubes for our frames Production Privée has made the choice to develop its own tubing series rather then use what is available to all bicycle manufacturers on the market. This approach allows us total freedom in the design of our frames, without being reliant on “catalogue” tube specifications that result in …

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